The rental includes the equipment listed below. Actual availability is subject to change. If you are counting on a particular piece of equipment, please email us to make sure it is available on the day of your shoot.

3x Paul Buff E640 Monolight
2x Paul Buff AB1600 Monolight
3x PocketWizard Trigger
1x 22” White Beauty Dish w/ Diffusion
1x 60” Giant Octabox
1x 35” Octabox
2x 30”x60” Rectangular Softbox
1x 86” Silver Parabolic Umbrella
2x 51” White Parabolic Umbrella
2x White Shovel Background Refector
1x 42” Collapsible Reflector Silver/Gold
1x 42” Collapsible Reflector White
2x C-Stand
3x Rolling Stand
Assorted folding stands, Steamer, Sand Bags, A-Clamps, Gaffer Tape, Rolling Garment Rack, Step Stool, Wifi, 10ft Ladder, Bluetooth Speaker, Utility Sink


- SEAMLESS PAPER: We stock 107" seamless paper in select colors for an additional charge of $25/pull. If you are looking for a color that we do not stock, we can source any color from the Savage line for $25 + $25/pull or $100 for the entire roll.

- 8’ V-flats are available for $20/day for a stack.

- 10ft x 24ft Green Screen is $20/day

2x Aputure LS C120D II Daylight LED Light, $15/each with Aputure Light Dome Mini II Softbox.

Lowel Tungsten kit rents for $70 and includes 7 hot lights: 2x 250W, 4x 500W and 1x 1000W. The kit includes barn doors, gels and gel frames. This kit is also available as a half kit for $50. The half kit includes four lights: 2x 250W and 2x 500W.

- PROPS: There are a few white props in the studio available for use. They are not painted regularly. If you would like to have them freshly painted white for your shoot, please let us know in advance. Painting fee is $50.