︎Once you book, you will receive an invoice. Your appointment will not be confirmed until you make the full payment.︎All booking start and end times are inclusive of set-up and clean-up time. Please take that into considerations when you make the booking. ︎No smoking, vaporizers, smoke/fog machine in the building.︎Street parking only. ︎Overtime can be accommodated depending on availability. Overtime is billed at 1.5x normal rate. ︎Please arrive at your agreed upon start time. For productions that arrive late, we will only wait for 1 hour before closing the studio and cancelling the booking. ︎On the day of the session, Client is required to leave a credit card as security for use of the Premises. We may charge the card to the extent required for overtime or incidentals should they occur. The credit card will be returned at the conclusion of the session.

The reservation cannot be rescheduled within 7 days of the start of the reservation.
Changes made 8+ days prior will incur a 25% rescheduling fee.
Cancellations made 7 days prior or less will not be refunded.
Cancellations 8-29 days prior will be refunded 25%.
Cancellations 30+ days prior will be refunded 75%. Cancellations 60+ days prior will be refunded 100%.